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There are several options for help on the Nomads Notes program
A Quick Guide
A Detailed Guide
Troubleshooting Guide
Or Download Comprehensive Instruction Manuals

Quick Guide

When you first open Nomads Notes and choose your first options (eg metric or imperial) you are then presented with the main working screen. You may then ask "Where do I start?"

  1. The first thing you will need to do is add at least one vehicle - On the top level menu click"Data" then "Vehicles" then click "New Vehicle". Add the details of at least one vehicle. See video or screen shot
  2. You will then need to start a "Trip" - Click the  icon or Click "Trips" on the top level menu. Then click "New Trip". See video or screen shot
  3. Add a journal entry for the first day - Click on the "Journal" icon . to add a new journal entry.
  4. From this screen then add Camp cost and mileage details. See Video or screen shot
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More Detailed Guide

Add a vehicle

The first thing you need to do is add a vehicle (or two if you have a "toad"). On the top level menu click Data>Vehicles>New Vehicle. Add the details of at least one vehicle. Or click on the vehicle icon (looks like a truck) then  click on the yellow plus sign at the bottom of this screen. There should be an "OK" at the bottom of the new screen that opens up.  Type in all the details ensuring you input at least the Vehicle name. Click OK when finished. This OK adds the vehicle to the database.

Start a trip

Once you have at least one vehicle in your database you can then start a trip. To do this click on the Suitcase icon (first one on the left at the top of the screen) or Trips>New Trip. Fill in the details of where you are going. Click on the drop down calendar and select the date you are commencing your trip. You will then need to select which vehicles (or vehicles) you will be taking on the trip. Click in the green plus sign beside the Vehcile details and select the vehicle you will be taking from the drop down list. Then enter the vehicle odometer reading for the start of the trip. All mileage data for the trip will be based on this first reading. Click OK to enter the vehicle then OK again to start the New Trip

You can do all this with "dummy" information as a trial if you wish then delete the trip later.

Add a Journal entry

Next you will want to add a journal entry after your first day of travel. The journal tab is the default tab and will be the one that is open when you open the program. Please do not type your daily journal entry straignt into this screen as this will not save. Click on the Journal icon at the top left of the screen to open the "New Journal Entry" screen. Do not type unless you are in this screen. When you type your information and then click OK the journal entry will be saved. You can add your campsite information at the same time through the New Journal entry screen or add it later - it does not matter.

Add an accomodation expense

From your New Journal Entry screen (see above) click on Camp, Cost and Mileage Detail, or click on the Accomondation icon (looks like a house 3rd from the left). This will open the Accomodation screen

Ensure the date is correct. If not click on the down arrow next to the date and choose the correct date for your expense. The day no will default to the next number. Click on the Cost field and enter an amount
Choose the correct campsite
        Choose the correct Region from the drop down list.
        Choose the correct Town from the drop down list
        Click on the correct campsite in the list from that town

If your campsite is not listed yet click "Add New"
        Add your new campsite details in the new screen that opens

        Click OK. This new campsite will be the one highlighted when you go back to the Accomodation screen
Type in the odometer reading of each vehicle on the trip
Click OK