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This upgrade is available to Motorhoming Lifestyle customers who have purchased Nomads Notes. The latest version is version You will not require a new licence if you purchased a download version. Your computer will have your licence number stored. If you purchased a CD version before 2011 you will need a licence code. Please contact us for details of how to obtain a licence code.

If you have shared your licence code or it has been used on more than two computers without prior permission your licence code will no longer be valid.  Please contact us if you have any licence code issues

 If you would like the CD version for a small cost click here.

Nomads Notes Version Upgrade Instructions

Step 1

Backup your Nomads Notes data

Motorhoming Lifestyle takes no responsibility whatsoever for loss of data. We therefore suggest you back up your Nomads Notes data file before upgrading. 
Open Nomads Notes
Click File>Backup Data
Change the file name if you wish
Click Save

Step 2

Uninstall Nomads Notes

Open the Control Panel and uninstall Nomads Notes.

Step 3

Download Nomads Notes Version

Click Here to download Nomads Notes

  • Save the program to your computer.
  • This will now download the 6MB file.

Step 4

License Code

You must be connected to the internet for your licence code to be validated (note you do not need to be connected to the internet to use Nomads Notes). 

If you originally installed the download version you will not require a new licence code.  If you originally purchased the CD version of Nomads Notes before 2011 you will need a new license code. If you have shared your code or used it illegally it will have been disabled and you will need to purchase Nomads Notes again
Contact Us for License Code

Step 5


Restore your old data

If your data does not reappear click File>Restore Data and choose the latest saved backup to restore

Step 6

See our new instruction manuals

Click here for the new instruction manual

Step 7 

Nomads Blog now available

Nomads Blog allows the Nomads Notes user to upload their Journal entries to a professional looking blog with a few clicks of the mouse. No prior knowledge of website or blog design is required. Click here for more information.

Step 8

Contact us

Click here to contact us

if you have any further questions, comments or a testimonial